Online Alcohol Delivery – How it Works ?


Step 1-

Simply choose the required alcoholic products and place an order (you don’t need to make payment while placing orders on our website & mobile app). Remember, per order, we can only deliver the quantity specified by the state govt.

Step 2-

Your order is delivered by an authorised delivery person from a licensed and regulated alcohol store. The delivery takes places as soon as possible but strictly in the hours specified by your state excise department of your state. The delivery person  will check your age and govt issued alcohol permit for consumption/possession.

Once satisfied, the delivery person hands you the order. Please check all the items you have ordered

Step 3-

When you have checked your order and happy with it, please pay the amount to the delivery person by cash or by PayTM. Only pay for the items you have received and applicable delivery charges (if any). Do NOT pay any amount before receiving the items.


Please ensure social distancing to keep yourself and the delivery person safe.

Please stay alert of scammers and do not pay money in advance.