Vendors – Contact Us

Welcome to Jhoom! We are an online platform which connects customers with the licensed alcohol vendors in the nearby area.


If you are a licensed alcohol / beer shop we invite you to sign up with us and we will share orders with you to fulfill. In order to join, there is no joining fees or commision that you need to pay.

  • We don’t charge any joining fee or commission out of your sales. So what you earn is completely yours. we do not take a cut out of your hard earned money !
  • Increase your revenue with our modern technology. Our minimum order value is Rs.2500 but most customers order more than that in a single order. We help you to attract high value orders.
  • You will get a dedicated vendor-partner app (android and iOS both) as well as access to our online portal where you can easily manage your orders.
  • We advertise on social media + traditional media (news paper etc) on your behalf so that you get better orders.
  • You no longer have to juggle lots of phone calls and WhatsApp messages to accept and process orders.
  • We will fully support you to make your alcohol selling experience hassle free, easy and transparent.
  • With our help you can provide a professional and timely service to your customers.
  • In each area we have very limited capacity to take vendors, so please hurry up.

Simply fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you.