Why Use Us

Buying your booze is not that simple and not a pleasant experience, sometimes stores are crowded and not always your type of people there. It’s even difficult for women most of the times. You don’t feel safe at some store locations and somewhere you don’t get a spot to park vehicle.

If you go out for drinking, there are high chances you will drink and drive. Bars and Pubs are expensive. One of the best place to drink is your place, where you can enjoy without worries. We have developed a technology which is very simple and safe.

Reason 1. – Drinking at your place is safer than drinking outside. Also saves time and efforts.

Reason 2. -You will avoid driving after drinking, thus decreasing chances of drink and drive.

Reason 3. – Maintain social distancing and get a contact free delivery.

Reason 4.- Drinking alcohol at bars and restaurants is expensive.

Reason 5.- We can deliver in advance and you don’t need to go to the crowed shops.

Reason 6.- MRP Prices and No extra delivery charges when you order with us.

Reason 7.-Multiple choices available in one place.

Reason 8.- Only pay on delivery, so you can avoid the scammers.